kathyknackKathy Knack loves her profession and it shows. Her innate sensibilities, creativity and style come through in each and every project. With 28 years in the interior design industry in the Hampton Roads area, she has seen trends come and go…but the one that remains constant in her designs is the classic and timeless look. Incorporating her clients’ antiques, collections or artwork into their environments, making them fresh and “new” again is her signature.

“Unique Designs”

Kathy’s blend of classic timeless furnishings upholstered in fresh fabrics, coupled with the unexpected contemporary artwork, or an edgy accent table, textured walls, or interesting lighting creates the interest in an environment. Never stuffy or predictable, Kathy’s designs are unique to each client. She listens first to the client’s visions, asks questions and then meticulously plans a design that will exceed the customer’s initial vision. “Listening to the customer is critical. And sometimes, it’s not what the customer says, but what he isn’t saying that is more important”. Her abilities to distinguish between the two are what set her apart.


Working with architects, builders, and tradesmen, Kathy looks to develop a partnership with them on each design project. Her philosophy is where there is a strong “team relationship” between the architect, contractor, interior designer, and the client, the outcome exceeds the client’s expectations. “The client is happy and we are happy!”

Located in the historic Ghent section of Norfolk, her design studio, is filled with the latest fabrics, wallpapers and trim books. Her retail showroom, displaying home furnishings and accessories available for purchase, reflects Kathy’s the sense of style and the range of products she offers.

“It is all about the customer”

Kathy and Cookie
Just as she uses her interior design skills with passion on every project, big or small, Kathy also takes time to indulge in her second passion…horses! “Working with horses reinforces the skills I use every day in my profession… creativity, communication, patience, and observation. Plus …horses are the best stress relievers after a hectic day”. Horses need comfort…just like humans! Kathy takes what she learns from both passions, and applies those skills when designing comfortable, classic and elegant interiors for her clients.

With her passion, creativity, and resources she has at her finger tips, interior designer, Kathy Knack can create a unique and personal interior design plan to fit one’s lifestyle, taste and budget.