Choosing Colors

design color swatch


Selecting interior and exterior paint colors is the single most paralyzing interior design dilemma a home owner will face. So when confronted with a “million” color options, most will pick the safest, easiest, interior design choice, the off whites like Atrium white or Navajo white . It’s the usual choice because white works with everything! And it’s boring!

So what if you pick a color and it doesn’t work? Well, if you don’t like it, it’s the easiest thing to change. There is no huge dollar investment in paint like there is in wallpaper.

I love color and most interior designs are built around color. I appreciate the bright colors …the hot, fun, trendy colors we see many interior design magazines today. And I haven’t met a color I didn’t like…oh wait… yes, 1980’s mauve and sea foam green.

I like to use the more classic colors; the ones that have been around since man started painting. They’re the blues, greens, reds, corals, and yellows; the colors never look dated…timeless. And we all come back to them eventually.

Remember color trends are just that… trends. They will come and go. Yes, we stray…we see the hot pinks/ oranges, the chartreuse and yellows in interior design magazines and say…that’s it!

When considering painting your walls those trendy colors ask “Can I live with this color on the walls and not get tired of it quickly? …or “Do I want to go through the hassle of repainting the room in a year or two?” If you love orange…then have orange…could be on upholstery as trim, it could be accent pillows, trim on draperies, a small occasional upholstered bench. These small accents can be changed without changing the entire room.

If you need help in making color choices for a room, call in an interior designer to help with your design choices. Spend the dollars to have an interior designer assess your space. An interior designer will not only look at the color choices you are considering, but will look at the scale of the room, furnishings, and the primary light source to help you narrow color choices.

So, don’t let this….

design color swatch

Stop you from changing your space into this !!!

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Kathy Knack is an Award-Winning Interior Designer in Norfolk, VA