Launching the New KKID Website

Thanks for visiting my newly redesigned website and blog! Launching it has been a great journey…. re-visiting projects and reminiscing with old friends! That’s how I felt when I returned to my completed interior design projects…each a wonderful journey and experience! It’s been good to see them again and see how they are “holding up”!

On this, my second foray into the website world, I have a better understanding of the importance of several key components that make a website successful.

great room

The first, and foremost, is how critical it is to have beautiful photographs of one’s interior design work…that old Brownie instamatic camera (for those of us who grew up in the 60’s) or the I-phone camera cannot capture the true feel of a space that a professional photograph can. This is why professional photographer, Kathy Keeney, was called in to photograph my design work. An interior designer’s work is totally visual…and Kathy Keeney’s expert eye showed my interior design work in a way I could never imagined or photographed myself. Photography is not my gift, obviously, but it is Kathy Keeney’s… and her talent definitely shows here.

interior designer websiteSecond, I cannot imagine building a website on my own. Some have done it successfully with the “how to manuals” but I recognized I neither had the understanding, patience, time nor talent to do it. Just like many of my interior design clients have a vision of how they want their spaces to look, I had a vision of how I wanted my site look, but needed the experts to make it happen! There are so many factors that go into building a good site …SEO, search engine optimization…( didn’t know what SEO meant!), types of design layouts, graphics, copy… just to name a few of many details. That’s why Commonwealth Creative Marketing was called in to revamp my old site and make it fresh and new. CCM partner, Marc Bethel was very responsive and patient with me…the client, who was very involved to the extreme of sending multiple emails in the middle of the night with new ideas or questions! I feel the new updated website represents Kathy Knack Interior Designs in a beautiful, fresh, and inspirational way due to the talents of CCM staff.

interior design websiteFinally, the blog …. Let’s be honest, it’s what savvy businesses use to develop new customers and that’s what all businesses, large or small, want… business. It’s the social media marketing tool that enhances a business’s online visibility, drives potential customers to its website and ultimately business to its doorstep… and a marketing tool I have had the hardest time grasping the importance of doing. Alas, I have learned blogging is a “must do” to develop new business with those who may be looking for products and services I offer. Finding the time and inspiration to blog, as well as being a consistent “blogger”, will be my biggest challenge. So be patient with me as I take the plunge into the world of blogging. I will do my best of offer ideas that inspire and information the may provide a solution to your design problems.

So, guess what? I believe I have just finished what may be the inaugural blog post on my new site…Whew!! They say it gets easier the more you blog. Well… guess we’ll see about that!!