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Windows….To Treat or Not to Treat?

Window treatments… every homeowners’ dilemma or nightmare! You choose!
And are they really necessary?

Personally, I love window treatments. I love how they transform a room by adding visual (and sometimes physical) warmth, texture, color and pattern to the space. As an important accessory, window treatments complete a room.

And sometimes, having no window treatment is the right answer too. But for those of you who like the idea of having some type of window treatment at your windows, this blog is for you!

There are 2 categories of window treatments. There are “hard” treatments which include shutters, blinds, woven wood shades, vinyl roller shades, pleated shades, cornices and lambrequins. Then there are “soft” treatments…ones made from fabrics…drapery panels, sheers, valances, and roman shades. And, of course, there is the combination of both.

No matter what you choose to do, window treatments are an expensive undertaking. So it’s important to get it right the first time! Mistakes are costly!

My rule in designing window treatments is to …continue reading Windows….To Treat or Not to Treat?